Joseph L. Allen J.D., M.P.H.

Joseph L. Allen J.D., M.P.H. is a company founder and Chief Executive Officer. He is an International Law Section of the American Bar Association member, Africa Law Committee member, Middle East Law Committee member, Export Controls and Economic Sanctions Committee member and International Transportation Committee member. Mr. Allen’s educational degrees acquired from the related universities are as follows: Tulane University, bachelor’s of science in Geology; San Diego State University, master’s degree of Public Health; Suffolk University School of Law, J.D., Magna Cum Laude. Before becoming a founder of Six Maritime, he served as Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Diego within the civil special litigation and criminal division trial units. He also served as the Military Liaison Deputy for the City of San Diego. Mr. Allen served honorably as an Officer in the United States Navy for more than 14 years. While serving as an Officer in the Navy, he lead the following assignments: surface ship navigation officer, gunnery officer, mobile combat communications officer and explosive ordnance disposal diving officer.

Paul A. Robinson

Paul A. Robinson is a Six Maritime Founder and Chief Operations Officer. Mr. Robinson’s background is rooted in the Navy where he acted as head of Research and Development Acquisitions Department at Undersea Naval Special Warfare Group 3. Additionally, while serving as a Naval Special Warfare/SEAL operator, he spent time as the Chief of Operations and Training Undersea and Maritime; where he had 165 subordinate operators and SEAL Team Chief of Operations, and coordinated six 16-man forward deployed teams.

David S. Brixey

As a Six Maritime founder and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Brixey is a partner of Brixey & Meyer, Inc., Certified Public Accountants (“B&M”). Mr. Brixey attended Wright State University where he earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Business (Accounting). He is a co-founder of B&M, which began operations in 2002. Mr. Brixey spent time with the “big four” firm of Ernst & Young LLP (“E&Y”), acting as an audit manager for not-for-profit industries, in the field of healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. Mr. Brixey went on to earn the CFO position at CountyCorp, a non-profit organization focused on the stimulation of Montgomery County, Ohio’s economic development. While with CountyCorp, Mr. Brixey created his own practice where he focused on outsourcing CFO services, tax compliance and planning, auditing services, accounting and consulting services. Mr. Brixey has heavily focused on guiding B&M to providing assistance to Fortune 500 companies with required testing and documentation in relation to the compliance of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act 0f 2002. Mr. Brixey has earned a significant place in the healthcare industry niche and continues to work with hospitals, medical practices and healthcare organizations to provide accounting services, tax services and management consulting.