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Six Maritime is the preeminent provider for moving commodities efficiently from point A to point B. Our management team has dozens of years of experience transporting valuable items over water on time, efficiently and safely. Mission success is our focus, whether it be saving money, improving delivery time or reliability — or all three — no one can do it better than Six Maritime.

Our systems were developed by experiences in the Navy and Marine Corps, where impeccable logistics records, timeliness, safety and efficiency on shrinking budgets was paramount. Our methods were honed in on a stage where lives were at stake and every movement on the water needed to happen like clockwork. Our lessons and training are now yours to benefit from. We are excited to serve you and help your company join the future of efficient responsible commerce!

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Six Maritime is on the leading edge of smart transportation logistics. We reduce the footprint of consumer goods off the paved roads of America and onto its water roads. With our custom tailored services, we minimize customer wait times for important freight while also enhancing the reliability of your supply chain.

Fast, affordable, environmentally responsible alternative to trucking; we represent a sustainable, community friendly movement that will help businesses grow while fostering a healthier environment and future for our urban populations under siege from trucking congestion and exhaust.

We represent an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to trucking. When you need to move goods from point A to your store front destinations with a reliable and socially conscious method, short sea shipping is your cost-effective answer. We are the wave of the future — hop aboard!

Background Of The Revolution

The evolution of moving goods in the United States with trucking has been robust over the last 50 years. Trucking revenue hit $726.4 billion dollars in 2015, with 3.6 million trucks moving 10 billion tons of freight — and it continues to grow. The population in North America continues to grow and with it consumer demands are ever-increasing. The Port of Long Beach has continued to break North American records year after year for the amount of shipping containers processed — once processed those containered goods move into the market place and they do so largely by our growing trucking industry.

The problem with the growth in trucking goods is that the road systems have been unable to grow at the same pace as consumer demand. With the advent of electronic load boards and sophisticated technology, trucking has been able to squeeze more and more efficiency out of the same infrastructure. Recently another wave of evolution has come upon us – digital freight matching, which brings a near on-demand connection of shippers and carriers via web and mobile application technology. Some have referred to this revolution as “Uber for Trucking.”

About Six Maritime

Digital Freight Matching, or “Uber for Trucking” now makes it possible -for the first time since the advent of steam and combustible engines made our inland canal system seem obsolete - to make short sea shipping the most efficient and reliable way to transport goods on inland and intercoastal waters near our dense metropolitan regions. Using our waterways and river systems allows goods to reach a point close to their final destination without travelling on congested urban highways; this makes delivery of goods all the way to their “last mile” more efficient and more reliable. Once there the goods can be paired with available drivers in real-time to get them to their final destinations.

Six Maritime is happy to partner with gShips to make this concept flourish in our most needy areas of consumer transport that are literally choking on traffic and fumes more and more every day. We are beginning in Hunts Point New York and plan to be in your area soon, to help the flow of America’s goods responsibly and efficiently into the future.