The Company

Six Maritime, LLC is a maritime-centric company fueled by a balance of state-of-the-art technology and simple logistics. With a combination of cutting-edge military practices and maritime logistics best practices, our highly skilled and seasoned professionals provide clients with professional, unique and efficient logistics solutions ideal for any environment.

The People

The founders of Six Maritime blend their tenacious leadership skills and mindful business acumen to craft their short-sea shipping company. The men behind Six Maritime hold extensive successes and experience within the elite rankings of the United States of America Navy SEAL Team, FBI, United States Department of Homeland Security and United States Coast Guard.

Advisory Board Biographies

The Mission

Six Maritime is dedicated to providing clients with reliable and punctual short-sea shipping that are above and beyond professional and industry logistics service standards.

The Name

Symbolizing a measure of excellence based on sheer results, the combination of the number six and the embedded Greek Sigma equates “SIX SIGMA.” Underscoring the name Six Maritime is a grey line and superimposed flag of the United States of America. Our name represents our pride and dedication to our country and remains as a reminder that all clients are affirmed by the ultimate guarantee.

The Vision

The vision of Six Maritime is to become the first and best choice in short-sea shipping throughout the continental United States.

Our Values

  • To never compromise the quality or the safety of our distinguished services
  • Protect and serve our clients with the highest level of dedication and discernment
  • Create and foster a company atmosphere that furthers Six Maritime team camaraderie, loyalty and a dedication to our craft
  • Play an active role in furthering the efficient prosperity of business trade everywhere for the benefit of the American people and for improving the capability of commerce in America as a whole.